Flexi Plywood

Flexible plywood, is a special kind of plywood that can be easily bent without breaking it into pieces. It's very useful for creating any kind of furniture that needs to have curved surfaces.

Advantages of flexi plywood:

  1. Useful for making curved surfaces in furniture and for interior decoration (e.g. for enclosing a circular building column with plywood).
  2. Is usually made from hardwood, so the quality of wood is good.
  3. Lower in weight compared to the regular types of plywood. Hence easier to transport and install.
  4. Maintains its new shape (curve) once it has been glued in place, or veneered or laminated, or when more than one flexi ply sheets are glued together.
  5. Much simpler to use than traditional plywood, for creating curves and bends.
  6. Available in long grain and cross grain.
  7. Can be easily bent by hand.
  8. Available in a wide range of flexibility which is measured in curve diameter or radius. (the bend radius can be as low as 25 mm).

SIZE : 8’ X 4’

THICKNESS : 6 & 12 MM.